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Magnumer Male Enhancement


Intimacy is an essential part of every relationship and in order to be intimate certain parts have to be in working order. From arousal to finish, each part of intimacy is regulated by complex biochemical processes. Anything going wrong with these complex series of events can lead to sexual problems.

Our biochemists have formulated comprehensive formulas to help support each and every step of intimacy.

1. Arousal

The first step in intimacy is as much a mental process as it is a physical one. A person’s mind and mood has to be in the right place to start the process. Someone who is distressed, depressed, or preoccupied will not be in the mood.

2. Physical changes

Once the brain is in the mood it sends signals to the reproductive organs to allow for intimacy. As men get older, these signals weaken or do not elicit the same response as they used to. Cellular processes wear out and need a little something extra to get going.

3. Completion

The average woman prefers intercourse that lasts 7-13 minutes.  For many men, the grand finale comes too quickly. These gentlemen are the eager beavers and get excited more easily than others. We can help with those deficiencies as well.

No matter what the problem, Magnumer™ is here to help you perform like a pro.

It all begins with research

Every ingredient we put into each Magnumer™ is there for a reason. Each active ingredient used is backed by extensive medical research published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Double- blind studies ensure accuracy and validity.

The most effective ingredients…

When we formulated Magnumer™, we could have saved a couple bucks with lower quality ingredients. Doing so would have meant an inferior product for you, the consumer, but that is not our philosophy. We went with doses and quality ingredients that produce results.

Pharmaceutical grade raw materials… ingredients extracted without hydrocarbon solvents, cGMP certification…. These sound like buzzwords to the average layman but to those in the industry, it represents a commitment to quality like no other.

Magnumer™ is manufactured in an FDA inspected Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility. It is a strict standard set by the FDA to make sure you’re getting the cleanest and purest product.

What makes Magnumer™ better?

Unlike our competitors, we use a high quality powders and extracts. This means that you only get the most effective dosage with our product. Most of our competitors use raw powder instead of specific extracts. The problem with that is that when raw herbs are used you must ingest a lot more to get the amount necessary to be effective. The strength of the active compounds in each plant can vary dramatically even for plants growing right next each other. Our ingredients are standardized to contain a certain percentage of each. You can count on Magnumer™ to be effective and consistent.